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Tropical Bros wanted to engage our customers with something new and exciting, and reward them for high-value actions like purchases, referrals, and sharing the brand on social. Flaunt helped us through the entire process, identifying the right strategy and NFT design. Not only do our customers now have added perks to show how much we value their participation, but our brand now has new IP and a new medium to engage with them. Our customers were thrilled to take ownership of a unique NFT, and we're confident this will keep them engaged with our brand into the future.
Joe Maslanka
Founder + CEO, Tropical Bros
“Using Flaunt to distribute our HarperSage NFT and support unique brand benefits has given our Ambassadors ownership in the grassroots community they are helping us build. This unlocks the two-way, mutually-beneficial relationship we want, helping us stand out in a world saturated with one-way discount codes and stale brand communities. The Flaunt team is super personable and their product is user-friendly, making NFT ownership accessible to any member of our community. We look forward to using Flaunt to bridge the gap between digital assets and our business!”
Meghan Herman
Founder + CEO, HarperSage